Matavia has both Australian Hanoverian Warmblood mares and German Hanoverian Warmblood mares and has an active breeding program in both Australia and Germany. There are also a number of high quality Matavia mares in other studs including two Elite Mares. We breed to fully licensed and performance tested Hanoverian Stallions. All of our broodmares are classified with the Hanoverian Horse Society and have been bred or selected for their ability to produce progeny that are elegant, yet have outstanding temperaments and athletic movement. Stallions used in previous seasons or being bred this season are Londontime, Rotspon, Furst Nymphenburg, Rubin Magic, Worldly, Champion FP, Quadam, Gymnastik Star, Fishermans Friend and River Dance. Our mares have the bloodlines of Furst Nymphenburg, Dancier, Worldly, Pommery, Daktylus and Graf Landau.

Matavia Performance Horse's foals are extensively handled with their mothers and after weaning are conditioned to living within the herd so as to learn to be 'horses' first. They are taught to lead, float, tie up and have their feet trimmed before they are yearlings ensuring a happy relationships with new owners.

Matavia Performance Horses breed for the Olympic disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing. Our young mares are Classified and Performance Tested with the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia, ensuring they are put to a similar testing schedule as their mates.

Adrian, Rachel and the boys, are on an adventure in WA at the moment. Until they return, all Matavia horses are being managed in SA, NSW and Germany. Otherwise, all breeding and performance of horses will continue as normal with Adrian and Rachel still making all stud decisions and breeding plans.

Contact Rachel for more information (see contact us page). Horses are available for viewing in their locations.

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